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Terms of use - general

Thank you for utilising our products and services (“Services”). The Services are provided by Superviral. The materials that comprise the entirety of this website are protected by a plethora of appropriate copyright and trademark laws. Consequently, in order to continue usage, there is a requirement to abide by these Terms of Use of this website. If you disagree with these terms, you are hereby prohibited from accessing this website for further usage. If you approve and agree of the terms of use, you are consenting to be bound to the Terms Of Service of this website, along with multiple further appropriate international laws and regulations. You are also accepting the responsibility that is expected to be maintained for compliance with any applicable local laws.

Use License

You are permitted and authorised to provisionally download a single copy of the materials (information or software) on Superviral’s website under the agreement that it is solely for personal, individual, non-commercial transitory observation. Note that this is not a transfer of title, but rather the grant of a license, which means that under this license, you may not:
  • Alter or modify the materials;
  • Duplicate the materials in order to have another copy
  • Use the materials for a purpose that is not for individual viewing and instead for a commercial purpose or a public display (either commercial OR non-commercial);
  • perform attempts at decompiling/reverse engineering any software that is stored/contained on the Superviral website;
  • Remove any copyright or other proprietary inscriptions attributed to the material; or transfer the materials so that you are not the only one using it, or reflect the substance on any other server.

This license shall automatically and immediately terminate if you defy any of the restrictions clearly stated above, and may be ceased by Superviral at any point. Either at the moment your viewing of the substance is terminated, or the termination of your license occurs, you are expected and required to execute an obliteration of any downloaded materials in your possession—regardless of whether they are stored in an electronic device or have been printed out.
The materials on Superviral’s website are supplied “as is”. This confirms that there will be a lack of warranties, and Superviral will not perform any representations or warranties—whether it is expressed or implied—especially regarding the accuracy, likely results, or reliability on the use of the materials on its online website. There will be no concessions and as a result, Superviral hereby disclaims and nullifies all other existing warranties, including without limitation, insinuated warranties or conditions of merchantability. This also applies to fitness with a specific intention, non-infringement of propriety intellect, or any other form of defiance/violation of rights: neither does it grant to any party patent rights or licenses that extend beyond non-commercial purposes.


Regardless of the circumstances, Superviral—and its distributors—refuse to be held accountable for any damages (including; without limitations; damages concerning loss of data and/or profit; or as a result of business intervention), that have developed due to the ability (or lack of) to use materials contained on Superviral’s internet site. Even in prospects such as the damages previously being disclosed to Superviral or a verified spokesperson, this limitation is expected to be maintained. This may not be applicable to specific customers in cases of implied warranties or liability for consequential or incidental disfigurement, as certain jurisdictions refuse to permit limitations within these situations.


Payments are processed and inputted typically through the use of either PayPal and its reliable system, or a validated payment procedure. Superviral ensures that financial data that could potentially be harmful if released is not inputted through the website. The usage of SSL encryption is to guarantee the acceptance of payments in a secure and dependable manner. Customers are considered as having understood and consented to the attainment of purchases the instant they pay for the material. This establishes that a customer is expected to not present an illicit dispute through PayPal, or any other credit card/debit card institution. In the case of a fraudulent attempt being performed, Superviral holds the right to reset all followers and likes, extinguish the account that filed the dispute [eradicating all information stored on it], and—if necessary—have the purchaser’s IP address perpetually banned.


Superviral does not guarantee or affirm that the substance on its website is accurate, complete or current. It may contain technical, typographical or photographic mistakes. Whilst Superviral could potentially alter the materials that compose the website at any time without having informed customers previously, it must be noted that an update on the information isn’t promised, and that Superviral has made no commitment to regularly changing it.


The implementation of linked sites does not suggest that Superviral has endorsed and promoted the site at all, since Superviral does not periodically evaluate and check the sites that have been attached to its Internet website. If a user chooses to view any such linked site, it is not Superviral’s responsibility, and is at the viewer’s own risk.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

The terms of use presented here can be reassessed and changed at any point without users being warned of the alterations. Regardless, you are consenting to be held to the Terms and Conditions of Use currently established when using the website.


Superviral is not in partnership or affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media network. If you're a user of Instagram, it is your obligation and responsibility to comply with regulations, rules, laws set out by Instagram. You use the services provided by InstaDB at your own risk.
If your account is suspended by Instagram and their service, we cannot take responsibility as we are not associated or affiliated with them in any way.
The number of followers or likes specified on your package taken is not guaranteed to you. Customer must ensure that their profile is set to public as they use Superviral’s services.
There are no guarantee of the server of Superviral going uninterrupted, or of the service becoming error free from technical issues.