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How do I pay for my views to increase engagement?


For secure payments and keeping payments simple, we accept all major card payments. All payments are instant and we do not store any of your card details for any of the services you buy from Superviral.

Your payments are processed through bank-grade security for your convenience and peace of mind. Rest assured you're safe!

How long do the views stay on my video post?


We keep an eye on your video posts for 30-days after you place your order. If you lose any views, we will immediately reimburse your account with high-quality views to make up for your order through Superviral Auto-Refill.

All of the video videos you receive are compliant with Instagram's community guidelines, so you'll have them as long as you keep your Instagram post and do not delete the post.

Is it illegal to buy real views on Instagram?


All of our Instagram UK views are legal. The myth of buying views being illegal is as true as pigs that can fly!

You can avoid any troubles from Instagram simply by choosing to buy high-quality Instagram views which is something we offer by default. Rest assured with over 70,000 satisfied orders, you're in good hands.

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?

In short and full, NO! You don't have to give your password at all. Just ensure that your profile is set to public and NOT to private so that our real UK views can start viewing your posts. They will simply visit your video post and watch it until it's finished.

To avoid, a ban from Instagram, we recommend you to continue only with a reputable agency to buy IG video views that have been established for as long as we are. Only through years of experience can an agency provide high-quality views and filter out the fake views, and we only say that from personal experience.

Also, be careful of websites and apps claiming to get you IG views by requiring your password. There is a high possibility that they have other agendas involved - such as accessing your account through your password. At Superviral, we've NEVER asked for passwords or any other personal details as we know its personal to you. We want to protect you as much as we can and provide you with a first-class service.

How to get more UK video views for free?

You can organically get more UK Instagram views by going onto the Instagram Explore feed. The only way to do this is to provide content similar to your competitors and see what is working for them. To see your competitors and what they are doing, simply use the same hashtags they are targeting on the explore page search bar. Another way would be to search through their profile and check for what type of videos they are posting.

Also, Instagram users want to see video posts that will evoke emotions. It can be funny, interesting or thought-provoking. Keep testing with different video posts, as testing is the key. Once you have an exciting post, you will get more shares through Instagram Direct Messages, and IG users commenting, tagging their friends/family in. Once detected by Instagram's algorithm, this will put your video post on to the explore feed which is the end goal.

But before you do any of this, who wants to share and tag a friend on a post that has only 10 views? Buy our Instagram views services and boost engagement. With more engagement means you're more likely to increase in customers.

What's the quality of the video views?


With Superviral we provide you with high-quality viewers approved by us. We do this by handcrafting a team who use advanced Instagram analytics to monitor which Instagram accounts have the most authority. We also monitor peak activity in terms of engagement.

These analytics includes an account’s followers, likes, and the number of regular engagements and age of the account. So you can rest assured that we provide you with only the highest quality viewers from Instagram.

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Thank you James

5/ 5stars

Sent an email, and James replied back that I wanted to change my order. James changed the order for me and also offered me 200 more views for free. Shoutout to James! Someone promote him 😂


Good views service

5/ 5stars

Good views service


Got first sale

5/ 5stars

Got my first sale with the video views, very professional service and delivered very quickly.


Recommended from friend

5/ 5stars

Friend used this service before and recommended it to me, pleased with the speed of service


2500 views for new vlog

5/ 5stars

Got 2500 views to my new vlog post!


Happy with service

5/ 5stars

Views were delivered quick, happy with service +++

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